Consumer trends in 2011 made a survey found that the existence of the following characteristics

First, the product development tend to comfort. Continue to improve the database of people’s feet, the use of shoe last system, the production of foot for different groups of Air Max 2009 footwear products; the use of biomechanics, ergonomics and other technical achievements, designed to meet the body in walking, sports, and different states comfortable sexual activity of the product.

Second, product development tends to refinement. According to the different uses people to study the technical characteristics of the children with professional Nike Air Max shoes, students shoes, protective shoes, stage shoes, shoes, and so professional drivers, fine products. Third, R & D tends to function. Studies using high-tech waterproof, perspiration inspiration, sun, sterilization, moisture, temperature and other properties, but not easy to damage the skin when wearing high-performance footwear products.With the New Year’s bell approaches, each Air Max 2009 shoe have been held year-end summary of the General Assembly. According to media reports related information, shoe Double Star joined this trend. Recently, 2010 innovation and technological upgrading binary Exchange the awards ceremony was held at the 2010 Innovation of the Year and technological upgrading summarized the work of 28 outstanding creative team, the team of 29 technology upgrades, innovation and skilled super 30 , 130 technology upgrade experts, 209 experts and 71 innovative learning skills, practice learned the experts for a grand recognition awards.

Fourth, selection, pay attention to hygiene, health, environmental protection and high performance. The development of the next Nike Air Max 90 shoe materials science will show continued growth and full development of a more coherent focus on the types of materials to meet the high quality and high consumer comfort requirements; with the concept of environmental protection and energy saving The growing prevalence of the use of chemical products, there will be more restricted, the footwear will take appropriate measures, the development of new technology and new materials. provided Lots of low price but high quality including Air Max 90,Air Max 2009,Nike Air Max 24-7,Nike Air Max Shoes,Cheap Nike Air Max,Nike Air Max 2009,we have thousands of Nike Air Max,Air Max 24-7 and Chanel Sunglasses.

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