BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Must Have BlackBerry Torch Accessories

The launch of the Black Berry Torch 9800 has sparked a range of accessories to be launched onto the market. Following the companies recent success, partly due to its user friendly Qwerty key pad, new add-ons have been released for those lucky enough to own the new BlackBerry. With its sleek design and user friendly key pad, customers have been lining up to buy this phone. The accessories on offer are just as good as the phone, with new ones being released every week.

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The Torch 9800 has an excellent touch screen, with easy usability and is very clear and concise. To complement this excellent feature One Design have released a Pogo Sketch Stylus that is made specifically for the Torch. For those of you who do not like the idea of using a touch screen this gadget is ideal. Instead of having to run your fingers across the screen the Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Stylus will easily fit into your hand and make accessing features on the screen easier and more accurate for people who are not used to using touch screens. Finally they come in a wide range of colors to suit any ones taste.

The BlackBerry is designed for business people on the move, as constant use of the phone will drain the battery why not purchase a BlackBerry OEM MicroUSB Charging Bundle. The pack includes, the regular charger, car charger, folding blade, and a whole host of different fittings.

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Also if you do a lot of downloading, need to carry a lot of information, or just have a large music collection, the SanDisk 32 GB MicroSDHC Memory Card is for you. The Torch has the capacity to handle this massive card and is just another fantastic accessory to add to your phone.

The list is endless with the BlackBerry Torch, with the amount of features on this phone it will keep any gadget fanatic busy. Failing that, there are endless applications and accessories to keep your phone fresh so you will never get bored.

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