BlackBerry Storm Reviews

BlackBerry Storm has been touted as the ‘iPhone killer’, being the first touch-screen BlackBerry on offer. Whether it is actually able to live up to such expectations is something that we would have to wait for. However, it does impress as a performance-oriented device and doesn’t disappoint when compared with the standards defined by existing BlackBerrys or other touch-screen models in the market.

First Impressions: It does seem as if the overall feel from the current BlackBerrys has been retained to ensure that customers feel connected to the Storm. It uses the latest BlackBerry OS 4.7 along with having a somewhat similar design. Once you hold it, one aspect become very evident – it does feel like a sturdy device, built to last a lifetime and the smooth edges the subtle polished finish ensures a very commanding grip. Being a touch-screen, it was vital to have an impressive display screen and the Storm does deliver on that front, displaying a 3.25-inch VGA display that assures brightness and helps to enhance the details of all kinds of images. Further, the entire touch-screen experience is complemented by a 480 x 360 pixel resolution that ensures crisp image quality. The screen provides a very responsive feedback to the user and gives you the feeling of making very assured selections as you browse through the plethora of functionalities on offer.

Exploring Further: BlackBerry Storm boasts of an accelerometer which helps in switching the screen orientation between portrait and landscape mode as the phone is rotated from the normal vertical to a more horizontal position or even when moved from left to right. Further, adjusting the backlight brightness and font size can be done with the minimal of effort. It uses the tried-and-tested BlackBerry SurePress and the text-entering process has some useful options to offer. In the portrait mode, you can use the SureType keyboard and the QWERTY keyboard comes alive when the phone is used in the landscape mode. However, what enhances the touch-screen capabilities is the finger tap system wherein you can tap twice on the screen to zoom-in on images or use a finger-swipe like motion to scroll through pages of a long mail or message. Editing text is extremely easy via the DataViz Documents which allows you to edit Word/Excel/PowerPoint files with utmost ease.

Other Features: The Storm has been packaged with a travel charger, a set of adapters, along with a USB cable, 8GB micro-SD and SIM card, making it one of the most comprehensive touch-screen offerings in terms of offering accessories. The BlackBerry Storm has dual-mode network functionality, which means that it automatically switches between GSM and CDMA networks to offer uninterrupted usability. It also boasts of being equipped with an integrated GPS, making it useful as a handheld navigator. Further, the Storm has a 3.2 Megapixel camera that offers every contemporary high-end mobile camera functions, including flash, image stabilization and auto focus.

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