Black Rice: Black is Beneficial, Black is Wonderful

Don’t you just  feel guilty whenever you have a scrumptiousfood of white rice?  Then again,  most of us need abetter choice for our basic food. So then set off black, gobble healthier  and spot  the difference.

Othersprefers brown ricemore thanwhite rice  as a  healthieroption. When white rice is processed  to remove bran from it, vital vitamins and minerals  are also removed from white rice including fibers. Brown rice,  on top of the contrary, still possesses bran which means it still contains essential nutrients that we need for the  body. Recently, experts found out that there is in fact a better variationof rice more than what white or even brown rice can offer. Availableonly in the court of the Chinese Emperor before, the “Forbidden Rice” or black rice, as its commonly known, provides a better choice for the more common white and brown rice. It is yielded only in small quantities due to its confinement in Asian countries. Today, we are lucky to have black rice available for us to purchase in our local markets. This elite number of rice which was only consumed by Chinese royalty before isn’t exactly black in color. It has many varieties and when cooked, it will appear almost purple in appearance. Some varieties of black rice came out fluffy when cooked, a few are nutty in texture, and a few came out sticky, which is used best for desserts and appetizers in various Asian cuisines.

The dark pigment of black rice is derived from its anthyocyanin content, a natural antioxidant that is believed to lower certain risks of diseases. Anthyocyanin helps people to maintain a sharp memory preventing memory loss caused by aging. Black rice surpasses blueberries since it has more antioxidant content and natural vitamins but with lesser amounts of carbohydrates thus making it healthier. Black rice is as nourishing as brown rice but with more amounts of disease-preventing antioxidants. Thepropertiesof black rice enables it to be a good for you substitute to different rice cuisines and proved to be as flexible as the usually used white rice. Black rice for the  improved food and a healthier living.

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