Better Access To Websites With The BlackBerry Playbook And The Samsung Galaxy Tab

Tablet PCs are the hottest pieces of technology ever to hit the market. They are highly portable, come with powerful hardware, and come with powerful software that will soon replace laptops in the future. This is why BlackBerry and Samsung jumped into the bandwagon and created their own tablets. They have created the BlackBerry Playbook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

When the Apple iPad was launched, people soon saw the countless possibilities tablets had to offer. They did not burden their users with bulky physical keyboards. They came with large touch screen as an input option. This made them easier to carry and more convenient on the hands to operate. All you had to do was touch, flick, drag, and pinch your fingers on the touch screen. However, the technology was not perfect. There were still a few flaws we saw in Apple’s design.

When it came to web fidelity, the iPad did not perform within our expectations. If you tried to access dynamic websites that relied heavily on Adobe Flash applications, videos were sluggish, graphics did not load properly, and text did not render seamlessly. This is due to the fact that iPad was not fully integrated with Flash 10.1 and HTML5.

This is where the BlackBerry Playbook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are different. They come with browsers that have full support for HTML5 and Adobe Flash 10.1. You may be asking yourself why this so essential when it comes to web fidelity. Think of it this way. There are more than 1.6 million websites that rely heavily on flash applications. This number continues to grow. This means that if your tablet is not fully integrated with the proper plug-ins, you will not have access to over a million websites. If you actively browse through the information superhighway, wouldn’t you want a device that gives you access to everything it has to offer?

When wireless freedom is concerned, tablets have opened a number of possibilities that you are sure to find enjoyable and convenient. With the BlackBerry Playbook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you get better access to flash-based websites.


The BlackBerry Playbook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are two tablet PCs that offer the most ideal web fidelity.

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