Behold the Top 5 BlackBerry Bold Accessories

Getting hold of a cutting-edge smartphone is simply not enough. As you might have seen, there’s a massive selection when it comes to decorative cell phone accessories that not only adorn your BlackBerry Bold, but also transform it into an ultra-modern gadget-depending on the kind of functionality you want.

To help you decide wisely, here are the top 5 BlackBerry Bold cell phone accessories you should invest on:

BlackBerry Bold Extra Battery – With the rise of the freshest breed of 3G-enabled, multimedia Berrys, a single battery won’t last very long. And of course, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of charge-right in the middle of an urgent conversation. If you want uninterrupted use, you should grab a spare battery. You may also want to consider a travel charger to constantly stay connected.

BlackBerry Bold Cradle Charger – Every smartphone needs a crib, and the chic Bold is not an exemption. A cradle charger or dock charger lets you easily recharge and synchronize data, while maintaining a neat desk. Very simple to use, this charge cradle steadily holds your device in place at a comfortable reading position. Furthermore, it’s fully functional, makes a nice platform to watch videos, listen to music tracks, make calls using the speakerphone, etc.

BlackBerry Bold Cases and Holsters – It’s always a clever initiative to put some kind of “protective clothing” for your Bold because it’s a delicate electronic gadget that can easily break if accidentally dropped or slipped out of your clumsy hands. These cases and holsters are available in numerous colors, materials, shapes, and designs to perfectly suit your mobile communication requirements and preferences. When choosing a case, holster, or skin, make sure it is heavy-duty, dependable and convenient to use and carry.

BlackBerry Bold Bluetooth Headsets – Enjoy wireless technology and connectivity using a quality Bluetooth headset, most especially if you regularly want to listen to your music collection or if you’re always on the road. Boasting with hours and hours of talk time, plus a comfortable fit, you can be hands free all day long. Also, a lot of reliable Bluetooth headset brands offer noise-canceling feature and other advanced functionality that are really useful.

BlackBerry Bold Screen Protectors – Also known as “mirror screen guards,” screen protectors are the cheapest means to shield your Bold’s pristine display against scratches in a holster or in your purse or pocket. Avoid ugly marks and permanent scratches by using this reusable film that causes no sticky residue. So thin, and almost invisible during daily use, these screen protectors keep your smartphone’s screen in constant brand new condition.

For protection and productivity without forgoing style, go ahead and check out these top 5 BlackBerry Bold accessories. Browse online stores to get the best deals for cell phone accessories that feed your mobile communication needs.

Fia is a gadget buff and technology writer at -The Accessory Machine.

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