Become Green in the Workplace

When individuals go green it not only is great for the earth, but it also saves them money. Going green does not just have to apply to your life at home it can be applied to your work environment as well. Businesses always like to save money and becoming green accomplishes this no matter what size the company is. There can be a lot of unnecessary waste that occurs in the workplace if not careful and along with the waste a lot of money being lost as well. If the employees and employers really make an effort going green at work can benefit everyone in the company.

The first step to becoming green at work is in regard to the printer or printers used in the office. If individuals printed off items using both sides of the paper this would significantly cut down on how much paper they use annually. When the amount of paper is cut down this means that trees are saved and more carbon dioxide is present in our atmosphere. Not only can work be printed out on both sides of the paper companies can also recycle their paper products instead of just throwing it away. Some companies use so much paper annually it would probably equal up to a small forest by the end of the year.

Instead of companies polluting the air even more by using jets and large cars in order to travel around for business trips they could have video conferences instead. Gas will be saved using this method and the company will avoid adding to our pollution problems. Conference calls also can save a company time, instead of having to travel on long trips they can simply walk into their conference room and instantly communicate with potential clients or fellow employees.

Working from home instead of traveling to an office is another way individuals can make their workplace green. This is an approach to going green in a few different ways. First of all it once again saves on fuel and prevents the addition of more pollution into the atmosphere because employees do not have to drive anywhere to get to work; all they have to do is get situated in whatever space they work at in their home. Secondly, the expenses of the office will be reduced because the amount of employees if any will decline. This means the company will not have to spend as much on office upkeep and the power bill. Less power used means less energy wasted and more of our resources being conserved.

The last change that individuals can make at the workplace in order to make it green is to work on laptops instead of regular computers. Laptops use a significantly smaller amount of energy than computers and their matching monitors. Another important thing to do at work whether laptops or computers are used is to have them programmed to go to sleep is there are inactive for a certain amount of time. If companies did this and cut them off at the end of the work day they would be amazed to see just how much energy they are not using anymore.


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