Avoid the cyber pitfall called “Internet Defender”

These days it is hard to distinguish between the fake and the real thing. Internet Defender might look exactly like a real security tool, but in reality it is a rogue antispyware application which is absolutely detrimental to your computer and bank account. This malicious threat roams freely the vast spaces of the Internet waiting for an unsuspecting user to fall into its trap. If you come to believe its promises, you might as well wave your financial funds goodbye. So obliterate Internet Defender while you can.

Internet Defender utilizes a whole range of methods which bring it at your system’s doorstep. Normally it uses browser hijackers or fake online scanner sites to enter your computer. Most of the time it comes coupled together with a Trojan horse infection. For example, if you land in a fake malware scanner site, you are prompted to perform a scan or the scan starts automatically without your consent. After the scan you are presented with a notification that there is or could be various threats in your computer and in order to proceed with further analysis you need to download Internet Defender.

It promises to take care of your computer’s safety, but in reality, when Internet Defender is installed, the rogue performs certain changes in your system, allowing it to load every single time you boot your computer. And when it loads it will perform a fake system scan only to find that you have been “infected” by extremely dangerous threats which you need to delete using Internet Defender. If you try to do so you will be informed that you need to purchase a full version of this program to purge all the existent threats.

Needless to say, that you should never carry on with the instructions you receive from Internet Defender. That would only result in ultimate loss of your financial funds. Not to mention that leaving this rogue infection in your computer untreated can cause total system crash. Therefore, don’t hesitate any longer and purge Internet Defender from your computer before it is too late to do anything about it.

Computer security is an important issue with a bunch of threats emerging every single day. As an avid Internet and computer user it is my objective to share information with fellow netizens in hopes of providing help.

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