Autumn/Winter Trends in Footwear

Autumn is well under way, and with the change of season, comes a new trend in fashion. So what’s hot and what’s not in this year’s shoe department? Needless to say, the days are drawing in, the weather is getting colder – in terms of footwear, this means out with the sandal and in with the new, warmer kinds of shoe.

This autumn/winter, there are many fantastic new trends in women’s footwear. From the brogue – borrowed from our boyfriends wardrobes – to the cloggs – borrowed from the Dutch – make sure you stay one-step ahead of the crowd by learning a little bit about this season’s favourite footwear.

Sure to set pulses racing all over town, one of the hottest styles in fashion this autumn/winter, will be thigh high boots. These shoes are difficult to carry off in style, a little bit of confidence is needed, as well as a lack of fear of being judged – this shoe is, certainly, only for the brave. They come in slight variations, some with stiletto heels, and others flats. In a wide range of materials – leather and suede being particularly prominent this year – they are sure to keep your tootsies warm in the upcoming months.

A key trend this season, which we touched upon above, is the boyfriend-style look. Fashion trends are borrowing from the boys to give to the girls this year. With brogue shoes set to take the world of fashion by storm, we will see a feminine twist to this traditionally masculine style of shoe. Expect to see brogues with lace and mesh embellishments, glittering diamante, brooches, and all manner of womanly adornment. Other masculine informed styles include the military boot, perhaps with the addition of a stiletto heel, and we may even see the odd oxford shoe being sported by plucky women wishing to stand out from the crowd.

Conversely, we will see feminine styles of shoe adapted for the male market. Amongst these shoes will be cloggs, modified to add a touch of masculinity, this year we will see cloggs in darker colours, which will be made from strong, and durable materials – do not be surprised if you do not encounter a few militarised clog shoes in the high street.

Aside from the actual style of shoe, expect to see accessorising that will hold across the various types of footwear that will be fashionable this year. A fringing effect is set to be extremely popular this season, particularly when added to boots of all descriptions. Studs and rivets will also feature heavily on the catwalk and throughout the fashion world.

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