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Beijing time on August 24 evening news, according to foreign media reports, Apple Monday announced that it will from August 28 (week 5) for the latest version of MacOS X operating system available, “Snow Leopard” (Snow Leopard).

Apple had previously said that “Snow Leopard” will be listed in Sept., but last Wednesday, said Apple’s online store error message, the operating system program within 24 hours as part of a suite with MacBox release. Although the site later removed this information, but Apple will be early release on “Snow Leopard” rumors have intensified.

Apple first in the “2008 Worldwide Developers Conference,” proclaimed the launch of “Snow Leopard” operating system message, and then confirm that the operating system will improve system performance, improve the core, and optimize the original function. “Snow Leopard” is the most prominent new feature is support for 64-bit application, GCD, and OpenCL. GCD is an abbreviation GrandCentralDispatch, the technology allows the performance of multi-core processors to the limit, while the OpenCL can let the system use GPU (graphics processor) to improve processing performance. In addition, the “snow leopard” in e-mail, address book and personal calendar application also supports Microsoft’s ExchangeServer 2007.

“Snow leopard” in the kernel improvements also help increase performance, Apple said that the operating system from the installation, sleep is more rapid wake-up to shutdown. In addition, the “Snow Leopard” operating system, the installation only takes up about 6GB of space, than the previous “Jaguar” operating system by about half. The new operating system interface has been improved, Expos (MacOS X in Management Open the windows tool) on the window management is more structured, and through Dock (Mac OSX used to start running applications or switch function, similar to the task bar) view an application related to all windows. The new Stacks (like a shortcut) feature provides a scroll mode, users can also browse subdirectories. The new “Services” (service) menu became more friendly and convenient.

“Snow Leopard” also added a few new features. “Date and time” option allows users to automatically set according to the location of Mac time zone, “preview” function was shown by the user to select text in PDF provides a convenient, QuickTimePlayer improvements may be the most user interest, not only interface greatly improved, also added a video editing and sharing.

Apple in the “2008 Worldwide Developers Conference” announced “Snow Leopard” operating system that, from the “Jaguar” operating system upgrade to the price of 29 dollars, including five licensed home edition sells for 49 dollars. Upgrade from earlier versions of “Snow Leopard” and users can buy 169 U.S. dollars in MacBOX suite, which also includes iLife 09 and iWork09, 229 U.S. dollars can also buy home edition. Where in the June 8 is not installed after the purchase of “Snow Leopard” operating system, Mac users can participate in Apple’s “Snow Leopard Upgrade Plan period”, in the December 26 price of 9.95 U.S. dollars before the upgrade to the “Snow Leopard” operating system. Installation of the operating system requirements Mac computer equipped with Intel processors, and have at least 1GB of memory and 5GB of free hard disk space.

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