80 20 Shoes

80 20 Shoes has one of the best slogans for a designer shoe company. 80% life + 20% shoes = 100% love. And you are sure to fall in love with all of 80 20’s hip and trendy styles that are fun and unique. Dare to walk on the wild side!

How It Got Started

Ce Ce Chin started out with Calvin Klein and Michael Kors quickly learning the ropes of design and style, and then stepped out on her own to meld her own style and creativity with great materials in her very own line of shoes. All of her designs have an Art Nouveau twist to them and it makes for a modern but vintage feel to each line she designs. The name of the brand came from Ce Ce’s realization that most people wear their favorite 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time – and so 80 20 was born.


The 80 20 brand has found a niche in just about every lifestyle out there and has made a splash everywhere. Their fun styles and unique uses of time tested materials make for interesting shoes that make a statement no matter where you go in them. Whether you need a new pair of shoes for the office, for Saturday night out with the girls, or for walking the beach on a quiet Sunday afternoon, 80 20 has the perfect style of shoes for you.

Unique Materials

There are many materials found in each 80 20 line of shoes that you would expect, but there are usually always a few materials that you wouldn’t have thought you’d see in a shoe. Things like perfume bottles and leather mesh can work together in ways you hadn’t thought of to create a whole new design and a great look that will turn heads to matter where you are. Even materials you usually see in shoes are used in whole new ways to make sure your newest pair of shoes makes a daring statement.

The fun and daring style of every line of 80 20 shoes is sure to turn heads, and that’s exactly the way Ce Ce Chin designed them. She even came out with her own line of shoes under the 80 20 brand to show her evolution as a designer and showcase some of her best designs.

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