5 Tips For Bicycle Coupons

I remember my first bicycle. It was a black Schwinn racing bike with two gears, a horn, a light in front, and streamers coming out of the handle bars. In those early days, there was no such thing as helmets (I am dating myself), and we used baseball cards and attached them to the spokes with a clothespin to make noise.
The cost of the entire setup was less than the cost of an average meal today ($ 50). A bygone era that was lots of fun.

Today, that bike would be a collector’s item, and in good condition would bring a great price on eBay. It with that thought in mind that we offer you several tips on hos to use coupons to sell bicycles and the accessories that go with them.

Tip#1: Use coupon offers at the end of the season, depending upon where you live, to offer great deals on bikes. End of the season sales will clear out your inventory and if the price is right, bargain hunters will not mind storing the bike to use for the next season.

Tip#2: Bicycles are one of the all time great birthday or Christmas/Hanukkah gifts. Coupon offers for all types of accessories around the holidays can boost sales of bikes.

Tip#3: Create an event for a bicycle race to raise money for charity around Memorial Day, Father’s Day or the 4th of July. This can give your business a great deal of free community exposure which builds both goodwill and sales.

Tip#4: Use coupon offers to promote bicycle safety. Put together a safety package including helmet, shin guards, front and back lights, bright night wearing apparel, and include both a free safety inspection of the bike and a booklet on bicycle safety. This is an especially great offer for kids.

Tip#5: Pass out a discount coupon for $ 5 on any item in the store, if the owner register’s his bike with the local police department, in order to identify it if it is stolen.

Try these tips and see how they will increase your sales, profits and lead to better customer relationships and more exposure.

Joel Helfer is an online advertising expert. He is a powerful mentor with over 40 year business experience and can help you create compelling online and offline offers that make you more money. He can be reached at joel.coupons@gmail.com. Search his website http://www.customercoupons.com

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