3 Advantages of Going Green

The Advantages of Going Green are obvious to almost everyone who knows about the effects of acid rain, global warming, poor air quality and the efforts being made to reverse the effects of these environmental disasters we have created for ourselves.

These 3 advantages of going green were written for the few who are not aware we have the power to reverse what we have done, one person at a time.

Years ago, going green meant spending a lot of money on the eco friendly products. Yes, they saved the environment, but killed your wallet in the process. Not true anymore.

Many smart business owners, seeing the future of eco friendly products, developed a variety of alternative power, fuel, cleaning solutions, and food sources. All designed and tailored for the every day consumer to afford. Below are 3 advantages of going green around your home that will not only be, equal to or less than, what you are spending now, but over time, will even save you money.

Advantage #1 Better Household Cleaning Solutions:
View any bottle of cleaning solution in your home and you will probably see a warning label. “Harmful if Swallowed”

We should not need to discuss what happens to children or pets that get into these every year. The statistics say 80% of all household poisoning is directly related to these toxic chemicals. They are also bad for our environment.

Cleaning solutions not only have toxic chemicals in the fluid, but also in the spray. Once these become airborne, you have effectively contaminated your indoor air. Once they are flushed they do even more damage to our environment.

A septic system needs bacteria to work properly. Regular soap and toxic chemicals kill bacteria. They also leach into our soil to later evaporate into our air, further polluting our overall air quality.

Advantage #2 Light Energy

Incandescent light bulbs are still less expensive to purchase at first but, over time, fluorescent lights will save you that money, and more. They are more expensive to purchase at first but their life expectancy is 5 times that of its counterpart and they operate at a 3rd the power consumption.

Advantage #3 Water Saving Shower Heads

This is a no brainer. Exchange your shower heads with high pressure, low volume spray heads. These are inexpensive, easy to install and save an average of 15 gallons of water per 10 minute shower. That’s over 5,000 gallons a year!

If you have a water bill, these pay for themselves the first year, you start saving the next year and you would never know the difference between the heads.

More Tips: Reduce you footprint at the landfill:

For those of you who have land, start a compost heap. Compost heaps are filled with vegetable waste, paper products and other bio degradable substances you would normally toss in the garbage can.

Store and then sell your aluminum cans, cardboard and newspapers. Recycle stations are everywhere!

Follow these 3 Advantages of Going Green and tell your friends to do the same.

The future of our planet is in our hands. We can change the destiny of the earth we leave to our childrens children. And we can do it one person at a time.

Thomas Palmieri is a Wow Green Activist working to change our environmental impact, one person at a time. To join our fight and do your part to start reducing your carbon footprint, please visit us here at Non Toxic

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